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CIGR Platform for Emission Network

Via the fully support of the CIGR administration and presidium, specially Prof. Fedro Zazueta and his group, we now have started this web page as a working platform for the emission network. We hope that the platform will promote the cooperations between international colleagues who are interested in measurement, modelling and reduction of odour as well as gases emission from livestock production buildings. The network will be open for all interested persons and will not be only restricted to EU members. The network shall active as a working group under CIGR Section II.


Communications of Research Projects

The platform will provide a list of the research projects in the participate countries with the links to these project home page - in that way to get more research information between the interested groups. Any interested persons and groups will encouraged to provide your research activities and the links to the relevant web-sites.

Contact person: Dr. G. Zhang University of Aarhus, Denmark